TiPY Delay

Dear TiPY customers and TiPY interested!

The most important information, TiPY is in production and will be finished with all the features and in best quality.

However, we must postpone the hoped-for completion again, and I apologize for the late and sparse information so far.

Ongoing negotiations and changes with third parties make it difficult to publish ongoing decisions or information.

Fortunately, we are beyond this point and I can tell more in the coming weeks to the completion.

I have already had the pleasure to talk with some customers and interested persons and I would like to thank all of you for your patience and interest.

The new timetable envisages that in mid-September we will be ready for the Rehacare trade fair in Düsseldorf, with the so called zero series. These are the first TiPY of the series production, which are quasi tested again and forms the template for the first series, which is then ready for shipping.

We use the current delay to complete as many tests as possible in advance to get faster from the zero to the first series. That means, the existing TiPY are constantly being charged, dissected and maltreated to the bitter end. All these tests are necessary for approvals and certificates and ensure our desired quality.

How come these delays? As a startup, it is a part of growing up to get in line behind larger companies and also deal with longer waiting lists with suppliers and producers. This happens more often than expected and significantly longer than expected. Like a waiting period of 4-8 weeks triggers a chain of reaction, a time delay that is disproportionately long and difficult to plan or to communicate.

The team plays a big role as well. For me, having the best team is working with the best producers and suppliers. This took some attempts and also led to delays, various changes and difficult decisions.

So unpleasant it is, serious and important decisions mean sometimes to make a step back, to get back on track for the only goal, to offer you a great TiPY product.

The team of producers from several countries is now complete and already in the middle of the serial production of TiPY. Personally, I am working on TiPY around the clock and I would like to ask you to contact me if you have any questions.

Please do not forget that TiPY is a unique keyboard and unique in design, in execution and features. Almost everything that is TiPY, the production and parts is not standardized but developed and created especially for it.

All orders are secured by our bank and I would be happy if you stay tuned for TiPY. Of course, I can understand, looking at the long waiting period, if you want to cancel. Cancellation is always possible and at any time up to 30 days after delivery. The transaction of your money will be immediately implemented via Stripe and Paypal within 5-10 days.

The first delivery of your TiPY will be via me and DHL but after that TiPY will be sold and delivered through Amazon Prime. So there is also the possibility of a later order with naturally faster shipping. Due to their distribution conditions, there may be a minimal price change.

I definitely want to thank you for your interest in TiPY and your patience. Further information can be found at https://tipykeyboard.com/en/news

For the time being, I wish you all the best Matthaeus Drory

TiPY Keyboard

Matthæus Drory

Drory Handels GmbH

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