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Dear TiPY friends!
The TiPY Keyboard inbox has exploded since November 2019 and it may be that your requests are also among the emails that have not been answered yet. I will answer all inquiries and would like to apologize for my customer service.
The attached pictures show the TiPY keyboards from parts of the zero series production. These are parts from the original tool production and will be part of the TiPY first series, which you are the first customer worldwide of.
The zero series, the predecessor of the first series, was planned for January, which unfortunately means another delay. These delays are getting shorter and shorter, but of course I can understand disappointment and anger about them.
The Corona Virus is currently stopping the production process of the housing parts and has been completely stopped by the Chinese Government for all companies until mid-February. I am always in contact with all manufacturers and we can react immediately to changes and continue working. There is no question that this virus is a human tragedy and we hope that all those affected can be helped quickly and successfully.
We continue production immediately after the factories are released and, according to current information, we expect to have delivered all parts to Austria in mid-March and to be ready by end of March.
As soon as TiPY is delivered, it will be clearly visible on the website and you will be informed about it.
If you as a customer have any doubts about TiPY, watch the videos of the trade fairs, please give me a call or cancel an order that may have been placed and receive your payment back. You can also order TiPY from Amazon Prime 4 weeks after our first delivery.
TiPY is a patented world novelty and consists of unique parts developed and tailored only for this product. The also unique price for this technology is only possible because I forego extended customer service and the sale will be handed over to Amazon and selected sales partners as planned. The unplanned delay postponed the process and created so the increased customer inquiry as well as the delayed answers. I hope that everyone sees it similarly, that the quality of the TiPY keyboard is in the foreground and that I am sure that after receiving a TiPY you will have accept the delay and enjoy the finished product.
Thank you for your trust so far and I remain with best regards
Yours Matthaeus Drory
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