Update Coronavirus and production June 2020

Dear TiPY friends!

You can’t say it often enough during this time, “Please stay at home and protect yourself and others”.


The corona virus still has the world under control. So also the production in China and of course worldwide. Larger car and electronics companies experience a complete standstill. Fortunately, some processes have been put back into operation and there is no standstill for our smaller work steps, but it is by no means a full production.

Much of the capacity there was converted to the production of masks and protective clothing. In view of health and human life, it is naturally supported and endorsed.

After a long wait, the first housing parts for testing arrived in Austria last week. After a thorough review, unfortunately, some corrections have to be made. Our German partner tries to act quickly, but since no trips to China are permitted and therefore no one can assist on-site, we must again expect a delay of 4 weeks.

I can only repeat myself. The production of the series is running and the first 1000 TiPY keyboards will be shipped directly from me. The following TiPY keyboards are then sold and delivered through selected distributors but mainly Amazon. Due to the later distribution channels, TiPY will have a slightly higher price. It is always possible to cancel current orders and order later.

At this point in time, we are assuming that the shipping time will be ready by June 2020.

The next update will take place after a new check of the delivered parts and of course with any news.

Until then, please stay healthy!

Yours Matthaeus Drory

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