Update Coronavirus and production August 2020

The last few weeks have been accompanied by delays. Little is read about it in the media, but many supply chains in various areas are severely delayed and even interrupted due to the Corona situation. Nothing you can’t reschedule but all annoying delays.

At the moment this does not only affect our housing parts. Due to the delays, we could not check the parts in Austria on site and in order not to lose any more time, this test was carried out using remote diagnostics and measurement values. Improvements are again necessary and these steps have already been put in progress by our German partner.

We will be able to test the adjustments again in the next 3 weeks and of course I will inform you about them.

I am aware of how uncomfortable these delays are, but all parts are gradually experiencing high-quality improvements and of course we use the time to run various tests but also to make small improvements. Despite everything, we want to make the best use of the delay and offer you the best possible TiPY keyboard.

The fact that even a company like Apple has to postpone the completion of their iPhone 12 does not make the situation any better, but shows that even the very large corporations are struggling with this situation.

New information will follow.

Until then, please stay healthy and all the best.

Yours Matthaeus Drory

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