Update Coronavirus and production November 2020

Production and delivery are unfortunately still delayed. As soon as the first TiPY keyboards are delivered, it will also be shown on the website.

We are all working towards it. Everyone involved in production knows how important and how helpful TiPY is for so many people.

There has been no new information about the production of TiPY for some time, but of course everything is in work around the clock and the steps of tests and adjustments are still in progress. Due to the coronavirus, there were brief interruptions by companies, corona tests and quarantines, but it continues.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to many customers directly and thank you for your understanding despite the immense delay.

If anyone has any doubts or concerns about the production, please do not get annoyed, just cancel and your payment will be returned immediately. After completion, TiPY will be available via Amazon Prime, where you can order at any time later. The rollout to the Amazon warehouses can take 4 to 8 extra weeks, depending on the country.

All existing customers will receive the first TiPY keyboards directly from us and you can imagine how much we look forward to it as well.

We hope that we can send a small part of the orders before Christmas, but the large ongoing series production will only start shipping in mid-January 2021.

If you have an urgent request, please just give me a call.

Thank you for staying tuned.

Stay healthy and all the best

Matthaeus Drory

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