Update Coronavirus and production January 2021

I wish you and all of us a great new hopeful and healthy year 2021.

As stated in the November information, we reevaluated the state of production in mid-January last week and we hoped we could finish production.

Parts have to be reworked again and again this is a 3 weeks delay until February 10th.

Of course, I get a lot of questions about a certain date, when TiPY can finally be shipped. We are not waiting for a date but are in constant contact with the parts manufacturer concerned. In this case, with our German partner and their production facility in China.

Parts are constantly tested and as soon as all tests have been positively completed, they are immediately assembled, tested and shipped. Everything is prepared for this in Austria.

Unfortunately, there is still no direct human contact that would have reduced this entire delay abroad to a minimum. But that’s what the world looks like right now.

It’s not an excuse, but unfortunately the proportions of the pandemic are affecting everything. More than the obvious, but I assume that, unfortunately, everyone in their own country is now feeling the dimensions.

The targeted quality is the top priority and I will not allow any shipment without personally testing everything individually with our team.

Thank you for your immense patience and for the many phone calls. Many already know that I like to talk about the whole process and even if digital transparency is not possible due to data protection, I always like to tell you personally about progress and setbacks.

TiPY should be finished as soon as possible. Everyone involved is aware of this and is disappointed with the current situation, but all the more trying to achieve this in the coming weeks.

TiPY is unique and will support you with every application with one hand on the computer. You are the first user of TiPY and I look forward to talking to you about your applications and experience later.

Call me anytime.

Of course, all patience comes to an end. If you want to cancel your order, this is of course always possible. Regardless of Paypal or Stripe. Just send a short email message.

New information on shipping will follow February 15th.

Stay healthy and best regards

Yours Matthaeus Drory

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