Important Order Information!

Industries struggle worldwide with material shortages. 

It is already known that supply chains and procurement of electrical parts are severely restricted. According to suppliers and manufacturers, there are already long waiting times worldwide.

This also applies to the TiPY production. TiPY is currently no longer available in our warehouse and can only be pre-orders for the next production. The delivery times are still unstable but we expect at least 8 – 12 weeks. Depending on the global economic situation.

Of course we are working on all alternative  shopping and procurement options, but at the moment we can only take pre-orders and have to ask for your patience.

We have filled our warehouse for the last 2 months and have been able to send TiPY fresh and fast to all our valued customers. The demand is so great that the warehouse was quickly emptied again.

We got great and so emotional nice feedback. We received so many thanks and I can only give that back. Thank you for your support.

There will be more information in the TiPY News.

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