TiPY production summer 2022

Our current TiPY production.

The next 100 TiPY keyboards can be delivered in the coming week and will go to the pre-orders in our online shop. Shipping confirmation will follow. Since the demand is so much greater, not all pre-orders can be completed with it, but of course production is ongoing and work is constantly being carried out on better and more stable production and the delivery of all individual parts.

Unfortunately, the state of the world and with it all supply chains and suppliers is still in a bad state. The waiting times of 8 to 12 weeks are still relevant.

We all hope for a stabilization of the economy and for people to make better decisions than before. To grow together, not to take advantage of crises but to support each other.

As promised, we will work with all possibilities to obtain individual parts and to be able to continue to deliver TiPY keyboards quickly with our production partners at the best conditions. We very much hope that we will be able to produce larger quantities and more stably again in autumn.

Best regards
Matthaeus Drory

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