Price Information 2022

Dear TiPY customers,

TiPY believes that everyone should have access to the best education, tools and technology.

We strive for the best price but we have to adapt to world events.

The current pricing reflects the current economic situation, caused by a pandemic, economic crises, transport bottlenecks and war. The free economic market, not always the best model in times of crisis, not only generates double costs in all areas, but even makes them many times over. The sad high point is the price of the microchips that are in demand worldwide and are currently missing. Instead of $5 per piece, the market is now asking for $200 to $280. Serious companies actually still offer these at regular prices, but with waiting times of up to 50 weeks.

The demand for TiPY, especially in schools and professions, is constantly growing and many customers have expressed their preference for waiting a shorter time and accepting the current prices of these individual parts.

The entire industry of developers, manufacturers and young companies are hoping for improvements in the economy, but the forecasts for actual improvements are not estimated until 2024.

Purchasing the overpriced microchips, parts and adopting the current prices in transportation will enable us to continue to produce more and faster TiPY keyboards. Nevertheless, waiting times are to be taken into account everywhere.

Also, new TiPY keyboards are already in the works through a recycling process of individual parts and we are constantly looking for improvements and sources of supply.

As a complete one-handed keyboard with mouse and extended functions, TiPY is a sensation and, despite this economic situation, it is a quality product that is not only far cheaper than existing assistance products, but is also technically ahead of the game.

Please also take the time to compare current full one-handed keyboards and prices.

TiPY gives everything and together with you, products that improve life and learning have the best chance of surviving this time.

Thank you for your trust.
Yours, Matthaeus Drory

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