TiPY Keyboard in Heilstätten School

Article from LinkedIn: Headmistress Heilstättenschule Wien – Competence Centre for Pedagogy in Illness and Impairment

First successful use of the one-hand keyboard “TiPY Keyboard“ developed by Matthaeus Drory TiPY GmbH in Austria in school!

Laurenz has hemiparesis (hemiplegic spastic paralysis) as a result of a stroke and receives individual integrative support in his class from our mobile motor skills team.
We introduced him to the special keyboard at the Rehacare trade fair in Düsseldorf.
Thanks to the mobile special needs educators of the “outreach inclusion education”, the aids end up with those for whom they were made.
School is possible even with impairments and illnesses, because #schulesindwiralle!
How good that we have the necessary know-how carriers, because without pedagogical introduction, the innovative technology would not be usable in schools. We look forward to making school life easier for many more children with this great invention!

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