One Keyboard One Hand

Everything in one hand

Tipy is the evolution of the keyboard. With the new key concept and integrated mouse function, you can use all programs and tables, use keyboard shortcuts, type letters, texts and use all the advantages of your computer and a complete word processor. Tipy makes your work, life and communication with the computer faster and more efficient. Tipy makes your life easier.

Tipy shows off

There is more than just a new, efficient key concept and a mouse function...

Two in One

Tipy offers you two keyboards on one device. One for the left and one for the right hand.

Left and right

The new key concept is supported by the hand pad that is changeable and rotatable.


Tipy offers a direct key input for 13 national languages. Belgian, Danish, German, English, French, Finnish, Italian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Pinyin.


Tipy has a battery and is connected via Bluetooth. In addition, you can use the included USB cable to charge your Tipy keyboard and also leave it connected directly to your computer.

Tipy Trainer makes it easy

The new key concept brings renewal with it, which can be taken over quickly and easily with a little practice.

Tipy Trainer helps

Tipy description

Tipy is a handy one hand keyboard, smaller than an A4 page with the dimensions 170mm x 270mm x 21mm.

It weighs 1 kg and can easily be taken anywhere.

It has a USB C port for the 1 meter long USB cable.

Further data

- 2 keyboards for left and right hand - optical trackpoint with two mouse buttons - high reliability and precise tactile sensation through single keys - Usable with standard operating system drivers - Plug & Play Typ: Tipy with mouse Trackpoint Color: grey/wihte languagesupport: DA,DE,EN,FI,FR,NL,IS,IT,NO,PT,SV,ES Keys: 2 x 92 Anschluss: USB Dimensions: BxTxH): 270 x 170 x 17 mm Weight: 1kg Guarantee: 2 years

When can I order TiPY?

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