Update Coronavirus and production April 2021

Update April 28. 2021 TiPY is on the way or already at the customer: Up to order number 93. I am happy about the shipping start but still have to ask for patience. All running productions are still in a … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production March 2021

Update 30.3.2021 Our parts are still at customs office in Leibzig. An acceleration through our German partner is not possible, but of course we expect an approval every day. It is a logistics issue and we know that air freight … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production February 2021

Update 27.02.2021 Tests are ongoing. Assessment takes place on Monday. Next update on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021.   Update 23.02.2021 The outstanding parts, these are the mass-produced handpads, have not yet arrived. Despite promised clearance by customs office. We expect … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production January 2021

I wish you and all of us a great new hopeful and healthy year 2021. As stated in the November information, we reevaluated the state of production in mid-January last week and we hoped we could finish production. Parts have … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production November 2020

Production and delivery are unfortunately still delayed. As soon as the first TiPY keyboards are delivered, it will also be shown on the website. We are all working towards it. Everyone involved in production knows how important and how helpful … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production September 2020

The TiPY production is constantly in progress but continues to suffer from delays. The production exchange between China, Germany and Austria is getting better and faster but we are not finished yet. The adjustment rounds are challenging and it is … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production August 2020

The last few weeks have been accompanied by delays. Little is read about it in the media, but many supply chains in various areas are severely delayed and even interrupted due to the Corona situation. Nothing you can’t reschedule but … Read More

The discounted pre-order price ends on August 10, 2020

The discounted pre-order price, only available through the online shop, ends on August 10, 2020 Of course there is no change for already placed orders. All orders are delivered immediately after completion with receipt of invoice. From August 10, 2020, … Read More