TiPY Keyboard Rehacare 2019 Review1/4

TiPY Keyboard Rehacare 2019 Review2/4

TiPY Keyboard Rehacare 2019 Review3/4

TiPY Keyboard Rehacare 2019 Review4/4

TiPY Keyboard 2019

Leading trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care … Read More

TiPY Delay

Dear TiPY customers and TiPY interested! The most important information, TiPY is in production and will be finished with all the features and in best quality. However, we must postpone the hoped-for completion again, and I apologize for the late … Read More

TiPY ORF News Konkret

TiPY Keyboard Zero Project 2019

Innovations for more social participation

Including the one-hand keyboard TiPY by Matthaeus Drory. The interchangeable keyboard with new key concept can be operated with the right and left hand and offers a direct input in 12 languages. The easy-to-learn 5-finger system is not only for people with disabilities, but also for people who want to work quickly and efficiently. … Read More