Update 2 Coronavirus and production July 2020

The production is still affected by the Corona Virus Covid 19 situation, but the remote support for the housing production is after several rounds very satisfactory and the new parts, shown in the video, are promising. 500 of these parts … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production July 2020

The current situation of the TiPY production is still delayed due to Corona Covid 19 virus. Our German partner, who oversees the production of TiPY housing parts in China, can only accompany the work there due to travel restrictions by … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production June 2020

Dear TiPY friends! You can’t say it often enough during this time, “Please stay at home and protect yourself and others”. Update The corona virus still has the world under control. So also the production in China and of course … Read More

Update Coronavirus and production April 2020

The Coronavirus is unfortunately a tragic topic that not only represents a health scare but also blocks the economy and production facilities in China. All companies are affected there whether from the clothing industry, car industry, electronics such as Apple … Read More

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Current status of the zero series…

Dear TiPY friends! The TiPY Keyboard inbox has exploded since November 2019 and it may be that your requests are also among the emails that have not been answered yet. I will answer all inquiries and would like to apologize … Read More

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