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TiPY always uses the most efficient language with the most possible signs and letters. Striving for the best efficiency.

• DE – German (Germany) / (Austria)
• FR – French (France)
• EN – English (United Kingdom)
• IT – Italian (Italy)
• ES – Spanish (Spain)
• DA – Danish (Danish)
• NO – Norwegian (Bokmål)
• SV – Swedish (Sweden)
• FI – Finnish (Finnish)
• NL – Dutch (Netherlands) United States-International
• PT – Portuguese (Portugal)
• IS – Icelandic (Icelandic)

• DE – German (Germany) / (Austria)
• FR – French (France)
• EN – English (US International – PC)
• IT – Italian (Italy)
• ES – Spanish (Legacy)
• DA – Danish (Danish)
• NO – Norwegian (Bokmål)
• SV – Swedish (Sweden)
• FI – Finnish (Finnish)
• NL – Dutch (Netherlands)
• PO – Portuguese (Portugal)
• IS – Icelandic (Icelandic)


Here is an example for the language English, which setting is used for all countries that use English.

Windows, Adroid, Linux:


MacOS, iOS:


The special keys with multiple language characters are activated with the keyboard language setting in each case. The other language characters are therefore inactive. Example: With the German setting, only the German special characters ÄÖÜ are active.

@ is created with ALT and @.

Second characters are used with Shift and third characters with ALT.

TiPY has no extra Apple and Windows keys, but many of these functions are available with the CTRL key.

Of course, all the usual combinations with Shift, Control and ALT such as “Copy Paste” are possible.

TiPY extra key combinations

Fn + Fx – Sends the marked special function e.g. “Volume Up”, “Volume Down”, “Mute”, ….

Fn + Delete – call up Windows task management or logon screen

Fn + 3; Fn + 4; Fn + 5 – MAC: Screenshot functionality

Fn + End “Roll”, “Scroll Lock” – is activated / deactivated

Fn + Home – “Pause” is activated

Fn ++ – The language and operation selection mode is activated for 5s.

Windows Print – Screenschot – Screen Snippets
Windows has disabled the “Print” key. To enable this, please go to settings and search for:

“Using the Print Screen key to launch screen snippets”
Enable Print Screen Link.
Now a screenshot works simply via the “Print” button on your TiPY.

Y and Z or switched keys is an easy fix.

It means that your computer has the wrong KEYBOARD language setting.

This explanation mainly concerns the English keyboard setting, but also others like German and French.

You have correctly set TiPY (operating system and language). Now when you please also set the “KEYBOARD language” on your computer. TiPY is based on languages and not countries. The idea is to minimize all the variations of english US, english UK, english India, etc. The same with many german and french variations.

Your correct setting for English:


• EN: Englisch (United Kingdom) Keyboard


• EN: Englisch (US International – PC) Keyboard

As indicated in the operating instructions, the desired language and operating system can be set when using the TiPY for the first time.

The LEDs below the hand pad indicate the respective setting.
To do this, remove the hand pad and press the Fn button and the Plus button. Now the LEDs light up for 5 seconds and you can see from the legend which language and operating system is active.

You can also adjust settings during this period.


Check, as indicated in the operating instructions, whether TiPY is set to the correct operating system.

Check, as indicated in the operating instructions, whether TiPY is set to the same language as your computer.

Please also check the keyboard language settings on your computer. Especially English and languages ​​with multiple country variations. (See FAQ Computer keyboard language setting)

All operating systems, MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android

The operating instructions show the respective setting and how to switch between different operating systems.

Yes, TiPY has a reset button under the handpad. Press lightly with a tip once and the TiPY is reset.

After a reset, TiPY must be connected to a computer as described in the operating instructions and set up again.

TiPY must be connected to a computer once, when it is used for the first time or after a reset using the supplied or a similar cable. Only then is the Bluetooth activated on the TiPY and can be set up on the computer.

The small number keys are used to enter numbers.

TiPY can save 3 Bluetooth connections.

Bluetooth connections can only be deleted on the respective computer.

After a TiPY reset, the saved Bluetooth connections are deleted.

A sensor automatically detects which side is on top and is active.